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A Community of Supportive Collaboration

We are more than just a coworking space. At our core, we believe that the keys to growth and success are derived from our collective strength. That’s why our community of female entrepreneurs are equally passionate about growing themselves as they are one another. Our presence, kindness, abundance, and generosity set us apart. 

Ready to see the difference for yourself? Enjoy a complimentary week of co-working space when you book a free 30-minute tour!

A Community of Celebration

The Collective was constructed based on a vision of collaboration in an environment where women build one another up while being productive AND present. We are more than just a pretty space; we’re a curated collection of creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs, moms, volunteers, and more — all with the common goal of doing more with what we already have.

Have you been searching for a safe space free from the pull of laundry and various interruptions at home, or the distraction and isolation of public spaces? If so, your Tribe is waiting for you at The Collective.

Our Members enjoy:

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A Community to Cultivate & Create

1. Book a Tour

When you book a FREE 30-minute tour at The Collective, you'll enjoy a complimentary week to experience the difference of our coworking space for yourself. Our owner Mandi will show you around, answer any questions you may have, and then let you get settled!

2. Join the Tribe

Once you become a member of The Collective, you'll have unlimited access to our curated workspace, collaborative community, premium business essentials, exceptional security and exclusive extras!

3. Level Up

The Collective seeks to help lay the foundation for growth with the understanding that success manifests in many ways. We anticipate that one day each of our clients will level up and outgrow us. After all, that is the goal!

A Community to Completely Focus

Did you know research proves that coworking increases productivity by up to 60% compared to working alone?

You have big dreams, all within your reach if you could find a way to set boundaries and be more productive. Imagine having a relaxing space you look forward to working from each day that provides everything you could want or need to reach that next level.

Your Tribe is Waiting at The Collective

Curated Workshops

Upcoming Events

We love to curate events that speak to the heart and soul of our Tribe! These events are often open to the public for a minimal ticket price or offered for free. Check out our upcoming events and be sure to mark your calendar!

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