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A Community of Connection

Welcome to The Collective, a female coworking community and event space headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

Here’s what you need to know.

We started with an idea of collaboration and a vision of an environment where women build one another up while being productive AND present. 

The Collective is more than just a pretty coworking space; we’re a curated collection of creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs, moms, and volunteers— all with the common goal of doing more with what we already have in order to maximize our potential. We lean on each other for guidance and support individual milestones.

Meet Mandi

Hi there! I’m Mandi Briggs, life coach, yogi, author, and owner of The Collective. 

My passion in life is helping women transform their lives, so when was first introduced to The Collective, I immediately resonated with its purpose. I overheard a few members helping each other with an issue I was also facing. It was then I knew I’d found the collaborative community I’d been seeking.

From there, I immersed myself in the networking opportunities provided and built strong business and personal relationships with entrepreneurs of all kinds. After my first month of membership, my business had tripled. I realized that when you put yourself in an environment that fosters growth – you do exactly that.

Today I’m the proud owner of this great collaborative working environment. We work each day to create a serene environment that fosters boundaries and a happy work-life balance. Coupled with a supportive community, our members have an abundance of tools and resources to be more intentional and productive.

Your tribe is waiting for you at The Collective, and we’re ready to cheer you on!

Xoxo – Mandi

Want to get to know me more? Visit SimplyMandi.com.

Our Values


Our time at The Collective is intentional to be productive in our work. We strive to be fully engaged during our time here because our presence and focus here allows for presence and focus at home.


At The Collective, we are kind to one another, our shared spaces, and our community. We respect each member's skills, privacy, work area, and property. We take every step necessary to ensure the security of The Collective.


We believe there is enough success for us all, and we do not compete with one another. We believe each member brings something unique and encourages each other to reach their potential.


We believe that if there is a need to meet within our community that our knowledge or skills can help, we band together to do it. We are always quick to recommend and give props to our tribe.

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